Her songs are crafted with rich imagery and a hint of nostalgia. Her voice is moving and intense. Often standing alone on a large stage with just a baby blue telecaster and some nervous banter, Leah Lawson’s presence captivates.

Growing up in Florida, Lawson was homeschooled throughout her formative years and raised in a sheltered, evangelical Christian home. Music became Lawson’s conduit to reckon with her religious trauma and faith deconstruction, in addition to the universal feelings of longing, loss, and love we all share.

The raw, intimate, and candid way Lawson writes makes you feel like you’re overhearing an intimate conversation between close friends. With her delicate vocals accompanied by her folky guitar stylings Lawson transports the listener to a place of comfort; like a trusted confidant simply responding, “Me, too.”

“I think when you grow up the way I did, immersed in the evangelical church, and then you decide to leave that life behind, it can feel really isolating and people may not understand,” says Lawson. “I want others to feel validated in that it’s okay to explore life beyond what you were taught and what you used to believe. I want people to know they aren’t alone and it’s okay to be honest with yourself.”

After spending several years living in Nashville, TN, Lawson is currently residing in Asheville, NC. Recent releases include her debut album 'Flood House,' and new single 'The God Thing' available for streaming/download on all major music platforms. Follow @lllawson on social media for all of the most up-to-date info and latest releases! 

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